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About Us

Canadian Technical Heavy Equipment (CTHE)

    The Canadian Technical Heavy Equipment is recognized in Saudi Arabia (West Coast) as a leader in heavy lifting and engineering transport. With state of the art equipment and value engineering, CTHE offers its customers creative solutions to today's heavy lift and transport challenges.
    CTHE success lies in its entrepreneurial spirit: "Nothing is impossible, if your heart is willing and your attitude is positive" with a lot of self confidence we can say: "Nothing is too big to lift". Quality, environment, health & safety are vital to CTHE. Safety is paramount and translates into "Better be safe than sorry". This mind set is applicable to every human being (Client, CTHE and Third party personnel) and to equipment and processes as well.
    CTHE goal is to be the leader in heavy lifting and special transport and the specialist in the extraordinary:"Nothing too heavy, nothing too high"
    Enjoy this new website and have a look at our links and mission, that's what makes a Flemish family business evolve into a multinational organization. CTHE continues to build its future on the foundations of a rich past.

    Dr.Mohammed Badawi - CEO


  • Safety has always been the number one priority at CTC Crane.
  • We place a high priority on health and safety and provide our employees with innovate education and training programs to accomplish their work at the highest possible safety standards.
  • We believe that our safety standards must have the same importance as production and quality.
  • By implementing company policies, safety meetings and hand-on experiences.
  • CTC Crane ensures that every job is done properly and safely.


  • Customer service repair- our customers tell us they need a provider to help them with the repairs and other services on equipment they own. CTC Crane has been instrumental in forming a division to meet these needs.
  • Service maintenance plus - provide low cost high value regular maintenance on any equipment rented or leased from CTC Crane. This service minimizes unscheduled downtime by up to 80%.
  • Professional assistance is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week .
  • On - site evaluations


  • CTC Crane's focus is to consistently provide a product and service to exceed our customer expectations and requirements.
  • By implementing a firm process for ongoing improvement, CTC Crane can offer the customer continued professional service within the industry.
  • Knowledge, information and communication are the key ingredients to maximize our ability to respond to the needs of the market we serve.


  • At CTC Crane, we recognize our responsibilities to towards local, national and global environment in which we conduct our business.
  • We are meeting this challenge by proving that doing what is good for our environment is also good for business.
  • We support the development and continued innovation of renewably generated energy and will continue to aggressively pursue the energy markets with our product and service offering, especially wind and ethanol. These two areas will show significant increases and will continue to be crane intensive.


  • To become the low cost provider specializing in the energy markets and maintenance a profitable business of buying and selling cranes around the world.
  • And operated Crane Corporation helped prepare: